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About Todd Janitorial

Charles and Naomi Todd started TODD Janitorial in 1960, as a way to gain extra income. Both continued to work full-time jobs and clean office buildings at night, but, as the company began to grow, they had to hire employees. Over time, the business took off and has grown to include not only janitorial cleaning services, they also provided carpet cleaning and stripping and refinishing commercial and residential floors. In 1996, Charles and Naomi purchased the 620 West College Street store and stocked it with a full line of janitorial supplies and opened the store to the public.

When Charles and Naomi retired, their daughter Vickie and her husband Wayne Huggins, and their three children Todd and his wife Renee Huggins, Jessica and Chad Huggins took over the family business. They still provide the same services and operate at the same location today.

We are so proud to continue what my parents started 50+ years ago and make it a family business that will, hopefully, continue for many more years.

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